Sharon Goldwater

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...which I have put hardly any effort into updating since I graduated from college in 1998. And I don't have any particular plans to do so.

While business web pages exist to attract customers and academic web pages are at least nominally for the benefit of one's colleagues, the vast majority of personal web pages have but one purpose: to serve the vanity of their creators. That being said, why bother telling you what my hobbies are or who I'm friends with or which websites I think are worth visiting? Instead, I'll cut straight to the chase and just show you some of the cool stuff I've done. So, without further ado:

Projects and Creations

1997 Summer Log

I spent the summer of 1997 at Brown doing research in the computer science department, dealing with the trials and tribulations of my new apartment, and hanging out with my friends. If you're interested, you can take a peek at the blow-by-blow of my summer.

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