Athens 2009

I went to Athens for 6 days in March 2009. I discovered it to be a very large, crowded, noisy place; or full of energy, depending on my mood. The food is good, and the ouzo is cheap (not that I want to drink ouzo, or at least not the cheap kind). There are stray dogs everywhere, but they are all friendly, clean, and well-fed, and there is very little evidence of them underfoot -- a real puzzle. There is also graffiti everywhere, and a strange mish-mosh of brand new and crumbling down buildings, all crammed up next to each other. Lots of motorbikes, and terrible traffic, not helped by the political protests going on all week with protesters periodically camped in the middle of the street and a transport strike one day. I took two day trips out of town, one to Cape Sounion to see the Temple of Poseidon, and one to Delphi to see Delphi. Both sites were very beatiful; one overlooking the sea and the other in the mountains, and both covered with wildflowers.

During my trip the weather was mild but overcast for much of the time, which did not help my photography. Still, I took a lot of pictures and did manage to get a few good ones.

Highlights (19 images)
The Acropolis (20 images).
The Ancient Agora (marketplace), Temple of Hephaestos, and Temple of Olympian Zeus (24 images).
Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon (31 images).
Delphi (27 images).
Around Athens (41 images).